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D2 Innocent Town

An Innocent Town in Disgaea 2.

The Innocent Town is a special location inside the Item World, introduced in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. The player has a chance to access it after clearing an Item Boss floor.

This room contains various useful NPCs that help the player in different ways:

  • Gatekeeper: Offers to continue to the next floor or leave the Item World.
  • Hospital: Same as the regular Hospital.
  • Item Assembly Guide: (Only up to D4) Grants access to the Item Assembly. Only has a chance to appear, but in Common items it will always appear in floor 10. Can only be accessed once per visit.
  • Shop: (DD2 onwards) A shop that sells weapons, accessories and consumable items. The item selection is random and only 1 of each item can be purchased(like all shops before DD2), however it can have items not available at the regular shops and at rarities above Common. Can only be accessed once per visit.
  • Route Manager: (DD2 onwards) Allows you to change the Item World Route.
  • Chests: Treasure chests have a chance to spawn on each visit.
  • Specialists: Subdued Specialists in the item appear as NPCs and can be talked to, but they have no effect except for Mediator and Teacher.