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Inner Sanctum is the sixth map of Final Episode: What Lies Beyond the Battle in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


As they enter the Inner Sanctum, Etna remarks that there isn't much of value here. Too bad. They are intercepted by another Angelic Sentries, guardians for the Seraph. These Celestians are surrounded by an invincible force field. Nevertheless, Laharl and Etna try to blast their way through, only for their attacks to have no effect at all. In the end, it takes a combined Demon-Angel-Human-Prinny-Robot attack of combined love and friendship to destroy the force field!


Inner Sanctum is an unusual stage. It is very large for a stage with only 3 medium level Angels. The two Angels on the side have Pallas Athene equipped, while the middle Angel has a Wyrmslayer. This stage is good for stealing around level 150 or so, stealing all weapons nets you about 1.4 million HL each round. Team attacking with a level one character will bring it up to level 23 on the first kill, and this map is good for team leveling up to level 35 or so.