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Ice Queen
D1area 22
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 氷の女王
Romaji Kōri no joō
Location Jotunheim
Episode Episode 5: Etna's Secret
Enemies Lv. 14 Empusa x4
Lv. 15 Lillim x2
Lv. 16 Golem
Lv. 19 Demon Sire (story)
Cait Sith (revisit)
Bonus rank 10
Symbols None
Panels None
prevmap Terrible Cold
Nextmap Episode 6: Laharl's Challenge -
Calamity Woods

Ice Queen is the 4th and final map in Etna's Secret, the 5th episode of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Laharl, Etna and Flonne finally catch up to Maderas, aiming to vanquish him and regain what they have lost. However, Maderas has a horrible trick up his sleeve: he takes advantage of both of Laharl's weaknesses and summons Succubi who spout optimistic sayings. Fortunately, help arrives in the unlikely form of Mid Boss, who gives Laharl some cryptic advice that boils down to "close your eyes and plug your ears".

Maderas then uses his next card, ordering Etna to kill Laharl with her memories as the prize. However, she refuses, saying he can't order her around anymore. She proceeds to insult him and reveals her actual plan: using Laharl as bait to get revenge on Maderas for ruining her life. Even the Prinny Squad whom Maderas had hired were bought out by Etna for her quest for revenge. With no backup plans left, Maderas attacks the group himself.

After the battle, Maderas begs for his life. Etna ponders what she should do. Maderas attempts to butter her up with flattery. Etna decides to forgive him, if he returns what he took. Maderas agrees, and pledges his allegiance to her. He joins your party.

Etna is glad everything is settled; Laharl disagrees, citing her poison attempt and her plotting and using him as bait. But then he points out that it makes her a good demon, and when he's Overlord, he'll need such a right-hand man. They banter and reconcile, and Flonne marvels at the ways demons are friends.

Vyers wonders if everyone forgot about him.

Map strategies[]

The map itself has no special properties, and is simply a matter of defeating each enemy as they come. As such, it is not an easily abused map. Maderas is relatively strong, but should be fairly easy to defeat.


One possible Ending is available here. If you have killed 100 allies before coming to this level, you can choose to have Etna kill Maderas when you are prompted to do so. If you choose not to, the story will proceed normally and Maderas becomes playable. But if you choose to kill him, the Etna Heroine Ending will be triggered and the game will be over, allowing you to start again from the beginning.


  • When Mid-Boss tells Laharl how to overcome his weaknesses, Kurtis's theme Battle Comrade plays in the background.
  • If you are using the original PS2 Version of the game with the game's audio set to English, Tsunami Bomb's "The Invasion From Within" will be the battle music for this stage.