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Ice, also known as Water (水 mizu, Water), is one of the three Elemental Affinities. Having anything above 0% means a character is resistant to the element, while having anything below 0% means a character has a weakness of the element.

The Cryophile Specialist increases a character’s resistance to attacks that are ice-based. In Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and beyond, a Cryophile can also increase the damage of ice/water spells and abilities.


  • Ice
  • Mega Ice
  • Giga Ice
  • Omega Ice
  • Tera Ice
  • Peta Ice

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness[]

Ice is also a good element to have a weakness to in the first game, though not as good as wind. There is a lack of any strong skills to most creatures that will cause extra damage for this element.

Skills that are based in the ice element:

  • Tri-Burst (Gun)
  • Ice Magic (Ghost)
  • Ice Dance (Shadow)
  • Fire and Ice (Shadow)
  • Ice Breath (Dragon)*
  • Blue Nova (Dragon)*
  • Dragonic Freeze (Dragon)*
  • Frigid Dance (Great Wyrm)**
  • Frigid Column (Great Wyrm)**
  • Frigid Roar (Great Wyrm)**
  • Frigid Burst (Great Wyrm)**

* Only certain dragons can learn these ice skills. See the dragon page for more information.

** Only the Marid class of the Great Wyrm learn these skills.

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