A Warrior from Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness.

Humanoids are a type of class that a character can take. Humanoid classes can gain Weapon Mastery during gameplay and can wield various weapons such as the spear, sword, staff, and spear. The only type of weapon they cannot use are monster weapons which only monsters can use, who only can use monster weapons.

There are various humanoid classes, such as the warrior, mage, healer, majin, and archer. Each class has various capacities. Mages and healers are able to learn magic spells as they increase in level, making them able to perform various tasks such as healing, doing severe damage, buffing allies, and debuffing enemy targets. For example, a Red Skull knows the Fire spell and will learn the superior Mega Fire spell after reaching a certain level. Humanoids also learn skills from weapons other than the Staff as they gain mastery in the type of weapon.

Each class of humanoid gain mastery of each type of weapon at a different rate. For example, a Warrior is able to master swords faster than a mage who will more quickly master staffs.

Despite the name, some humanoid looking classes such as the Succubus are actually classified as monsters.

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