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Humanoids Example

Various specialties and weapons.

Humanoid is one of the 2 types of Class featured in the Disgaea series. These classes mainly consist of Demons with Human-like appearance, with the occasional Human or Angel class. Humanoids' abilities come mainly from learned specialties and mastery of human weapons, covering various jobs and roles to be expected from an RPG: fighters, tanks, archers, mages, healers, etc. Despite the name, some Humanoid-looking classes are classified as Monster instead(like the Succubus), since they fight using their own unique tools and techniques.

Notable characteristics that differentiate them from Monsters:

  • Weapons: They can equip 7 Weapon types, covering a variety of play-styles. In games up to Disgaea D2, only Humanoids benefited of the Weapon Mastery system.
    • In Disgaea D2 they have an additional weapon type, the Book.
  • Skills: Their offense mainly comes from Weapon Skills and Spells. Originally only a few classes learned Unique skills, but since Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention all Humanoid classes learn at least 2 skills.
    • In Disgaea 1 and 2, only Humanoid classes learned Spells by leveling up.
    • In Disgaea 2, the Magichange 2 mechanic allowed Humanoid to use the Unique Skills of Monsters.
  • Commands: They have access to Lift and Throw in all games.
  • Unlock: Before Disgaea 5, classes were unlocked by raising other Humanoids classes or a specific Weapon Mastery to a certain level.