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The Human World is a place separate from Celestia and the Netherworld. Humans live here in this dysfunctional dystopia, in which they have technologically advanced at the cost of their world becoming barely habitable due to overpopulation and other natural disasters.

The Human World is a bonus area and can be unlocked by passing the bill "Human World" in the Dark Assembly. This bill only becomes available when you start the Final Episode: What Lies Beyond the Battle. Addtionally, you need a rank 7 character and 1500 mana in order for the bill to be proposed. Like most other unlockable areas, the Human World is a place disliked by the Senators. As such, it is almost impossible to pass this bill without choosing the "persuade by force" option and defeating the opposing senators in battle.

This area has 3 maps, with 2 special rewards in the last one. In the third map, you get the chance to steal a rare armor, the Astro Suit, from General Carter. Finishing this last map also results in seeing 'Human Conqueror', one of the endings of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.