Hit Points, abbreviated as HP, are the representation of a character's "life". Shown as a bar, this stat illustrates how much damage a character can take. When the bar reaches 0, the character will die and must be revived after the battle.

HP has a much higher cap than the other stats. The HP limit (without items) in Disgaea 3 and 4 is 399,999,996 HP, but can only be reached with Serums. Superbosses such as Baal will commonly hit the HP cap when fought in the Land of Carnage. The HP hard cap in Disgaea D2 is 99,999,999,999 in Normal Mode, while it is 400,000,000,000 in Rasetsu Mode. 

Hit points can be influenced by equipping items with the Dietician Specialist, muscles, or some types of armor. HP can also be permanently raised through the use of Serums. They can be restored by consuming food type items, or by using healing spells. A special trick to revive characters with zero HP is to equip them with a weight as it will cause them to automatically revive with 1 HP. This can be very useful in the Chara world or the Item World in order to revive units at a mystery room.