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His Name is Zeroken is the third episode of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.


Initial Cutscene[]

A young man called Zeroken appears in Spirit Internment, claiming to be the Gale Force Overlord. He says it's his duty to fight the Lost, however he's surprised to find out our heroes already took care of them so he leaves.

Some time later, in the Pocket Netherworld, Red Magnus and Christo arrive to inform the others that there was no luck in their efforts to recruit more people to the rebel army, as everyone is too afraid of fighting Void Dark.

At the Dimension Gate[]

Red Magnus asks Seraphina what she thinks of Killia and whether she's in love with him, which she doesn't take well. She retaliates by pointing out how little he cares about his Netherworld, which seems to really anger him. Christo appears in time to change the subject by informing them that their next destination is Poisondise, a small but famous resort Netherworld full of experts in making poisons.


  • 3-1: Poison Beach
  • 3-2: Toxic Depot
  • 3-3: Hole-in-the-Wall
  • 3-4: Hazardous Highway 4
  • 3-5: Fiendish Dance Floor