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Higan Zesshosai is a character in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless. Higan first appears at the end of episode 4 as the chapter boss, having brutalised Crimson Dark the "Total Victory Magistrate" and taken his Demonic spear of the Founding weapons off screen beforehand. She forces her way into the party after being defeated and becomes a named playable character at the start of episode 5. She uses the lady samurai class and is recruited at level 40.

"The latest to hold the Zesshosai title. Recently got into spear-wielding. Distract her with sweets when she starts rampaging." - Unit Info



A tall muscular woman with reddish black horns protruding skyward from the sides of her head and red hair, tied into a ponytail that reaches down to her ankles. She is well endowed, with her chest bursting out of her loose fitting red dress with golden adornments shaped like spear heads. She wear thick gloves with heavy bangles built into them and long stockings with similar spear head adornments and a small pair of sandals on surprisingly dainty feet.


Loud and raucous, Higan is very eager to pick a fight with anyone and everyone.


Appears at the end of episode 4 as the episode boss, having shoved a spear up the ass of Crimson Dark off screen and stolen his Demonic Spear of the Founding weapons, gatecrashing the tournament. She is revealed to be Fuji's master, who trained him in the art of sword fighting. She has recently stopped using swords and taken up the spear in an effort to be challenged more in combat. She battles the party in a special arena with the "Lonely" geo effect that allows for only one character at a time to be deployed, which cannot be turned off and is fought at level 40, a noticeable level spike from the rest of the episode, which are around the mid teens, and the start of the next chapter, which are in the their early 20s.

Following the fight, she goes on a rampage, destroying the arena and triggering Ao into also going on a rampage, destroying the stands. The party manages to subdue her with Pirilika's Fluffcakes. She joins the party at the end of the episode of level 40.

A recurring gag involving her character following this involves her getting rowdy and Pirilika trying to placate her with sweets.

At the end of chapter 5, she is the only member of the party who does not flee the casino and instead spends her time bullying the Casino's staff to make as much money as possible, so she can stock up on sweets.


A high powered Samurai focusing on strength, Higan comes possessing great skill in both swords and spears, but possesses a skill that prevents her from using swords.

Other Appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Higan appears as an obtainable character. Alternate variations of Higan can also be obtained.



  • Her name translates to "Equinox" (Higan) "Absolute Victory" (Zesshosai).
  • Zesshosai is not her last name, it is a title granted in universe to the one viewed as the strongest swordsman and not a family name