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D7 Hell Mode Example

Fuji activating Hell Mode.

Hell Mode is a gameplay feature available in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless.

Characters that have an Infernal Treasure will have a Hell Gauge (visible next to their portrait) that charges throughout the battle, with each Infernal Treasure having a different charge condition and speed. When the gauge is full the character can then activate Hell Mode, gaining the following bonuses for 3 turns:

  • Increase stats by 20%.
  • Increase damage dealt by 20%.
  • Decrease damage taken by 20%.
  • Their equipped weapon transforms into the Infernal Treasure, keeping its stats but changing the weapon type and attacking stat.
  • Each Infernal Treasure has a unique additional effect.

The main characters have powerful skills that can only be used during Hell Mode, but will cut it short.

Despite Hell Mode activation not counting as an action, it cannot be used if the character already spent their action or if they're under an effect that prevents skill use.