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Heartbreak! Beautiful Phantom Thieves is the first episode of The Fuka and Desco Show.

Completing this episode grants a Fuuka-themed pirate ship.


The Red Moon appears in the night sky as it is time for 3 Prinnies to reincarnate. Emizel is seen reaping the soul of the first Prinny just before Fuka and Desco walk into the scene, questioning his actions. When Fuka learns that a Prinny's soul is cleansed of its sins and is reincarnated, Fuka thinks that is a way to wake up from her "dream".

Fuka and Desco ask Artina of where they can get the most money in the Netherworld. Artina tells them that the Mint is their best bet but tells Fuka she can't earn much money there. Fuka decides to collect money from there and manages to convince Artina into helping them. Just before the three are about to leave, they are stopped by Archangel Flonne, who tells them they must have a group name. Flonne gives them the name of "Tri-Angels" despite Artina being the only angel. The three then leave for the Mint with Artina noting she is heading down the path of a Fallen Angel.

As the three try to infiltrate the Mint, they are discovered by the sentries and must fight their way through. The director of Mint, Director Hellmoney faces them and tells Fuka that she does not deserve the money before fighting them. After winning against the director, he agrees to make a "jillon"HL for Fuka. Desco thinks she will not have a purpose anymore if Fuka reincarnates with Artina worrying for her. At last, the trio comes across the vault but before they can break into the vault, Emizel intervenes and asks them what they are doing, Fuka tells him that she deserves the money for saving the Netherworld and fights Emizel. He loses to them and Fuka tells him how happy she will be waking up from her dream. Desco is saddened, saying that she could not make her sister's dream of world domination come true. Fuka tells her that she always be her baby sister and embraces her.


  • A Moment of Greed
  • The Dancing Dead
  • The Greedy Donator
  • The Unopening Safe