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Hades is the main hub world in Disgaea 4 where Valvatorez works as a Prinny Instructor. The main purpose of Hades is to reeducate new Prinnies and train them before sending them off to work in the Netherworld or Celestia. The Warden of Hades is Axel who sucked up to the corrupternment in order to obtain the position. Hades also has a prison which houses many Netherworld criminals in addition to the Prinny Reeducation facilities.

Like other bases in the series, Hades also has every basic function of a base such as a Dimension Guide, Item Shops, an Item Worlder and Chara Worlder, NPC's and Treasure Chests found in differing areas. The player can customize Hades to their liking using the new Map Editor. It allows them to change the look of Hades completely, add new objects in, change the BGM, rearrange the positions of NPC's and Characters. They can also replace the NPC's in charge of Shops, Dimension Guides with their own characters(i.e. Making Fenrich the Dimension Guide or Fuka the Chara Worlder).

It primarily serves as the main setting of Episode 1 where Valvatorez tries to rescue the graduating Prinnies from the Corrupterment and in Episode 3 where Valvatorez must quell a prison break. The Fuka and Desco Show also has Hades the main setting of Episode 2 where Fuka tries to prove her own existance as herself.


  • The default BGM for the first 3 episodes is "Candlelight', for the rest of the main storyline episodes and Post Game, it changes to "Arcadian Vampire". In the Fuka and Desco show, the default BGM is "Sadistic Emotion".