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Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice[]

In Classroom In Detention
"Guys talk with their backs. Ya can't be verbose. You'll expose yourself."

"Every time the campus gets reformed, I always wish for one thing. That they make a saloon."

"Heh heh heh. Wanna duel, quick draw? I'm quicker'an your own Yellow River."

"It's not my style to stick around. Let's hurry up and kill the Overlord."

"They don't serve sasparilla for lunch... Milk is for women and children."

"I can't even go to the bar, because of this stupid bucket."

"How long do I have to do this? This is such a pain."

"I put a trap by my desk. I wanna see who's gonna get caught."

"Why do I have to put it on top of my head? It's ruining my hat."

"How sad. Everyone's getting a good look at me."

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten[]

Personality In Cam-Pain HQ In Cam-Pain Support Group
Cool "Ain't no skin off my nose if you wanna drink, but you better learn how to hold your liquor, nancy boy."

"These assemblies are boring as hell. What genius made a law against drinking in public?"

"Hehehe... You got a political rival you want disappeared? Just say the word."

"Wanna play a game of quick draw? Quick, draw! Haha... loser."

"My platform is to open a bunch of saloons right next to where I live."

"Wanna get rid of a useless Senator? Just leave it to me..."

"Lately, I'm into playing that little shooting game they have at the carnival. Say... you wanna join me next time?"

"Lord Valvatorez, wanna go grab a drink after this fight?"

"If there are guys out there who don't support you, I'll blast 'em into honeycombs."

"I'm always willing to bite the bullet for you, my dear Lord Valvatorez."

Sleazy "You're looking for a bribe, are ya? Well, I got a free ticket here. It's to Hades. Careful, though. It's one-way only."

“No one in my district has any issues with my policies. Cuz the ones that did? Well, It’s hard to speak up from 6 feet under.”

“I heard there was a shooting at the Senate. Where did I hear that, you might ask? From my gun. When I shot it. At the Senate.”

“You’re the first person to not wet themselves when I pulled my gun on ‘em. You know what? Guess you were feelin’ lucky. Punk.

“If you’re in a hurry to take yourself out of the race, I think I could lend you a hand. Or at least a trigger finger.”

"I trust you... but just in case, I need you to put your weapon down and your hands up. I'll hear what you've got to say after that."

"This is a really dingy room, you know. I don't think it suits you quite right, but it's perfect for a dirty guy, like me."

"If you've got someone you wanna get rid of, just let me know. I'll make them disappear. ... You wanna get rid of me? That's not funny."

"Do you really wanna stay that vulnerable? You never know who might be trying to take your life. Of course, that includes me."

"Valvatorez... you're my prey. I won't let any other demon kill you first."

Wild “Did you know Netherworld water pistols have enough pressure to kill? These toy makers are getting out of hand…”

“Listen, while I’m reloading my gun, it’s just good manners to sit there and wait, got it? Even demons need to have good manners!”

“P-put your hands up! Um, I mean…Please put your hands up! Pretty please with sugar on top, put your hands up!”

“Holy smokes. I thought this was a toy gun, but it’s actually a real pistol. Good thing it was just a Prinny standing in front of me.”

“Whenever I shoot blanks during the Senate, those rowdy bastards calm right down. I used real bullets by accident once, but oh well.”

"Long live Lord Valvatorez! But I can't cheer with my hands up, because that would mean I surrender."

"I tried to kill a roach, but the meeting venue ended up with a bunch of holes everywhere. I need to brush up on my skills.."

"Take me out to battle, please! I'm itching for a good shootout. I'll even be happy to shoot water guns!"

"How could I have done such a thing!? I forgot to load my pistol with bullets... It was an accident, really!"

"I'm really good with real pistols, but l've never won a prize at a carnival shooting booth. I hope you still need me."

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance[]

Personality In Pocket Netherworld
Cool "A drink after a gunfight is delicious.

I like to drink it straight.

...Bourbon? No. A tall glass of milk..."

"Whistling suits a lonely gunner...

Tweet, tweet, tweet...

Awww! I can't whistle...!"

"I never miss my target...No, never might be a bit exaggerated. Rarely?

Hardly? Almost never?"

"Anyone can win by shooting faster... But shooting slower than your opponent and winning... that's a professional gunner."

"When you fight, don't ever look away from your enemy. If you blink, then you'll be dead in no time."

Hard Boiled "Don't stand behind me... Not my fault if you end up with a hole in your forehead."

"You can call me a shepherd...

I shepherd my enemies to the gates of Hell.

Heh, maybe that was a bit pretentious..."

"There are a lotta tough customers 'round here. But when it comes to guns, there's no one tougher than me."

"Sometimes, I sit back and count my sins. How many do you have, flatfoot?"

"I've been through Hell and back with my gun.

It's not just an object to me.

It's my partner..."

Gaudy "Hello! I'm a sharpshooter!

I put holes in my enemies from a distance!

Nice to meet you!"

"What type of girl do you like?

Innocent, party-goers, cougars?

I can introduce you to cute girls."

"Check out this gun action ♪

Yo! Ha! Ho! Hey! There!

What? Was it not good? Was it not good?"

"It's a piece of cake shooting through an enemy ♪

But, it's pretty tough shooting through a cute girl's heart ♪"

"I'll shoot any enemy that gets in my way, like "bang bang, pew pew"!

Unless they're cute. That's a different story ♪"

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny[]

Personality In Base
Cool "Bang, bang, baby!

You're a dead man walking.

...Heh, get it?"

"Doesn't matter how tough your opponent is. Get 'em between the eyes, and it's all over."

"Howdy, partner.

Ya up for a glass?"

"Heh, I'm the fastest sharpshooter round these parts, ya know.

No one can outrun my bullets."

"Once I set my sights on someone, my bullets will chase 'em down no matter what."

Hard Boiled "I can hear the cries of everyone I sent to Hades... They're calling my name... Demanding justice..."

"Get me a bourbon.

on the rocks."

"Heh, if the ol' Reaper comes calling for me, I'll send him packing. Just like always."

"You ever sat down and thought about all the sins you've committed?"

"There's something about keeping my weapon up to scruff... Really clears the mind."

Ladies' Man “Ba-bang! Heh, looks like you just fell head over heels for me… Wait, n-no, I wasn’t aiming at your feet!”

“Ladies love me, foes fear me.”

“Heh heh heh… What’s wrong? My gunspinning got you dizzy?”

“Liquor, ladies, and my trusty gun. That’s all I need to live… …Huh? Air? What about it?”

“Careful there. I may not be an archer, but you can still blame me for a shot through the heart.”