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Grosso is a character from Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. He is the leader of the Krichevskoy Faction and is a gold Gargoyle with glasses and hat. He is the first boss of the game. In the English version, he has a heavy Russian accent.


Grosso appears to the party after destroying Laharl's erected statues, citing it as a big insult towards the previous Overlord. Refusing Laharl as the Overlord of their Netherworld, Grosso continues destroying his erected statues with Laharl, Etna, and Flonne giving chase. They soon confront Grosso at a farm where he fights them, but loses easily. Laharl demands that Grosso serves him but he refuses. He then reveals that he is a member of the Krichevskoy Group; a faction of Krichevskoy's vassals who aim to replace Laharl with an Overlord of their choosing. Grosso then flees.

After Sicily joins the party, the Prinny Squad returns and informs them that they have found Grosso's mansion with Laharl planning to invade it. At the mansion's garden, Grosso is surprised to see that Laharl has found him so quickly and has allied with an angel. He flees into his mansion where Laharl's group give chase, encountering the other members of the Krichevskoy Group, Rainier and Garungun, along the way. Upon cornering the Group, they introduce Barbara to Laharl and tell him that she will be his replacement. After she is defeated, Laharl demands that they all become his vassals, but Grosso reveals to him that the Netherworld is in chaos due to the Yuie flowers growing at an alarming rate. Although Grosso agrees to cooperate with Laharl, he still intends to follow through with the Group's original goal.

After Laharl's group discovers that the Krichevskoy Group has snuck out, Grosso meets them at the entrance to their fortress and tells Laharl that they cannot wait any longer. Later, the group encounters the Krichevskoy Group as they reveal their "New Krichevskoy"; a Prinny selected at random. After their plan fails once again, the Group flees into a room with a powerful barrier guarded by Barbara. However, to their horror, the fortress itself begins collapsing with Grosso, Rainier, and Garungun trapped behind their own barrier. Despite Grosso telling Laharl that not even Krichevskoy had the power to break the barrier, Laharl successfully manages to destroy it (although Xenolith played a part in it). Seeing Laharl's strength and how far he is willing to go for both his vassals and the Netherworld finally convinces Grosso, Rainier, and Garungun to accept Laharl as the Overlord.

In the Final Chapter Grosso, Rainier, and Garungun assist Laharl's group in fighting off Xenolith's magical manifestations.