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Effort Ninja Gorillian is one of the Diez Gentlemen who appeared in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. Noticeable for constantly being on fire, he claims that this is one of his powerful "jutsus". In reality, his feats are not jutsu, but rather he is just patient enough to be able do such things. Gorillian is apparently famous to a degree, as he has his own show with a DVD boxset (which was stolen from Flonne in the postgame) and once appeared in a crossover against the Prism Rangers (as shown in Disgaea Infinite).


Gorillian first appears in the story alongside Shyrone after the defeat of Prinny Mask as part of a ambush attempt set up by Beyond X. After this attempt is foiled by the Vato Brothers, Gorillian reveals himself and the three Diez Gentlemen prepare to fight them anyway, only to retreat after Salvatore defects and Master Big Star, Gold Knuckle and the PTA appear to aid Mao's party. He and the others later fights alongside Aurum himself, but is defeated.

Gorillian can be unlocked by starting a New Cycle as long as Mao is Level 64. He is unlocked after Shyrone.

He also makes a cameo appearance in the Disgaea 4 DLC The Fuka and Desco Show. At the second stage of the fourth episode (Hero Infringement), he appears as an NPC to assist the player in battling the seven Prism Rangers as he heard about their activities.


Gorillian is fought alongside Beyond X, Shyrone and Super Hero Aurum at the third stage of the final chapter (Super Hero's Desire). He is Level 64 and is equipped with a Sword along with various Sword skills. His Evility, Soul Crush, allows him to deal 50% of the damage he does to SP meaning the player should deal with him quickly.