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Golden Courtyard is the 2nd map in Space Detective Etna , the 2nd episode of Etna Mode.


After the battle, they find a lost keepsake, the stolen portret of the late King Krichevskoy. Etna orders it carried to her room and vowes the thief will suffer for his mistake.


The odds are more on your side in this version of the map, but a mistake on the first turn may cost you. This area is riddled with Zombies, followed by a Healer and an overpowered Scout. The field is covered in effects consisting of Attack +1, Recovery 20%, and Ally Damage 20%. The Damage Symbol is right next to the Base Panel. Now, do not let the Recovery effect fool you. It will not cancel out the Ally Damage effect, the Recovery effect will merely cease to function. Knock or throw the Ally Damage Symbol out of the area, so that only beneficial effects are active. Destroy the Wingmen with long-range attacks and spells, since these attacks benefit from being used twice. The Zombies will only move if you enter their attack range (a minimum of 4 panels). Therefore, attack the Zombies from long range while slowly edging your way to the fork in the road. Destroy the Scout the moment he moves from his position. He attacks with a Gun powered further by Glasses, so his attacks are powerful enough to kill a character instantly with the Attack +1 effect aiding him.