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Golden Courtyard
D1area 08
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese ゴールデン広場
Romaji Gōruden hiroba
Location Dinero Palace
Episode Episode 3: A Hint of Kindness
Enemies Lv. 6 Male Pugilist x8
Lv. 8 Manticore
Lv. 9 Male Priest
Bonus rank 5
Symbols Lv. 6 D1 Symbol Blue 'No Entry'
Lv. 1 D1 Symbol Blue 'No Lifting'
Panels Blue
prevmap Gaudy Entrance
Nextmap Flashy Passage

Golden Courtyard is the 2nd map in A Hint of Kindness, the 3rd episode of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Flonne and Etna discuss the nature of Prinnies, that they are former humans who did terrible things during their lifetime, "like murderers or thieves," and that in the Netherworld, Prinnies must do ultra-hard labor for less than minimum wage. When they've saved up enough, they can reincarnate and atone for their sins. Flonne has not heard of this before, and Etna tells her that her head must be full of flowers. Flonne replies that she loves flowers.


Again, this map centers around Counter-heavy enemies, so long-ranged characters are ideal. The majority of this map's enemies are protected by the No Entry barrier. However, due to the Bow-wielding Brawlers, so are you. The few Brawlers that are within your area use Fists, which only attack at close-range. Therefore, Laharl should lead a ragtag group to destroy the enemies within your side of the field. Then, from behind the No Entry barrier, use only magic spells to defeat the Brawlers, since ranged attacks will only result in a Counter by the enemies. If the Brawlers survive, the Priest will come to aid them. Note that the Priest isn't defenseless. He has an elemental spell which he is more than willing to use. When ready, destroy the No Entry Symbol. The Manticore is this map's final enemy. Do not allow its high HP to intimidate you. It can be easily defeated with an expansive combo.