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Gold Knuckle is a Senior Student in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. Like all Senior Students, Gold Knuckle thinks very highly of himself. He is a self-proclaimed Master of a Martial Arts style called "Beheading Kempo" and as such, fights well with his fists. His sprite is a golden recolor of the Armor Knight class.


In the game, Gold Knuckle managed to turn the Freshmen Students into Delinquents by telling them a story of Super Hero Aurum. Normally, such a thing wouldn't work but Gold Knuckle apparently has a sort of "Hypnotic Voice" which easily swayed and brainwashed the Freshmen. When Mao and the group come in on one of Gold Knuckle's sessions, they try to defeat him but can't seem to scratch his Golden Armor. Mr. Champloo appears to help Mao and the others out and joins them. With Champloo's help, Gold Knuckle is defeated. Later in the final chapter, Gold Knuckle reappears to help the group out. Gold Knuckle also tends to call himself "The Knuck" in a reference to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, going so far as to use the same slang as him (Jabroni, etc.). Also, while in the Item World, he appears in a Mystery Room at times, selling healing items. Gold Knuckle is also seen in the first chapter of Raspberyl Mode. Players can also get a Gold Knuckle Spear weapon by doing Raspberyl Mode. The spear itself looks like the end result of Gold Knuckle Magichanging which is in fact impossible due to Gold Knuckle being a Humanoid Class character.

In Raspberyl Mode, Gold Knuckle joins Raspberyl's class due to him wanting a role in the story. Later, at the school, just when one the Vato Bros. was about to get blasted by a Zetta Beam, Gold Knuckle appears and takes the attack, saying he wouldn't get a role he didn't do this. He apparantly dies with Almaz stating that he has respect for that obession until Gold Knuckle manages to revive somehow.

Other Appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Gold Knuckle was an NPC featured on a special mission banner hosting for Golden Week.