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Glutton's Hideout is the 1st map of Axel's Scheme, the 4th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

At Zenon's castle, the Masked Man informs him about the preparations to deal with the Demon Lord, and that they're also preparing a Ritual of Foresight to find Rozalin.

Back with our heroes, they arrive at the Cavern of Evil hoping to find Taro before a monster does.

After the battle[]

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Adell is impressed by the strength of the monsters in the cavern, and Rozalin claims he's thrilled about battling them, though he of course denies it. After Hanako defends her brother from the accusations, Rozalin wonders if her father truly sees her as family.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Let an ally unit be killed(instant warp).