Geo Panels are a gameplay feature present in each of the main Disgaea games. Typically represented by colored tiles on the ground and corresponding cubes, Geo Panels confer a wide variety of positive and negative effects for any unit standing on them. The list of effects has increased with each new game, offering a tremendous range of tactical obstacles to either be overcome or utilized by the player.

There are seven Geo Cube colors, and six colored tiles. The cube colors are: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Cyan and Clear, while the tiles lack the 'Clear' color. Within the course of the main game, players will rarely encounter difficult or advanced Geo Panel combinations. More often, main story maps which have a difficult Geo Panel effect (such as Enemy Level Up X% or Ally Damage X%) on the first play will feature beneficial effects on subsequent visits that may boost acquired money, experience or mana for defeating enemies.

Truly complicated and tedious Geo puzzles do not appear unless the player spends time in the random dungeons of the Item World. Any combination of panels and tiles were possible in the first Disgaea, along with map layouts that made clearing some random levels an actual impossibility. In each of the sequels, more control was applied to the Item World, featuring levels and puzzles made difficult only by the player's comprehension of in-game mechanics instead of software oversights.

Chaining[edit | edit source]

Whatever the combination of tiles and cubes available, the basic solution to any Geo puzzle lies in chaining together the destruction of each colored tile to clear the entire map of panels, resulting in a tremendous amount of damage inflicted on any units (foe or friend) caught in the chain as well as potentially maxing out the Bonus Gauge.

Blocks[edit | edit source]

In Disgaea 3, the familiar cubes were replaced with Geo Blocks - although in principle functioning the same as Cubes, Blocks feature significant differences. Unlike Cubes, Blocks can be trodden upon by units, as well as be stacked one atop the other to chain the effects of each individual Block. Additionally, an entire chain of like-colored Blocks can be cleared by throwing a Block of the same color either on or at the base of a stack, potentially causing chain reactions and damaging units standing on them. Disgaea 4 has enemy Geo Blocks that have legs and move a few panels each round, which usually combines their effect with the colored panels they sit on.

Effects[edit | edit source]

In the Disgaea series, there are several effects of Geo Symbols that influences the panels. The Geo Symbol effects can be found here.

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