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General Carter is an EDF Commander and a major antagonist in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and its ports Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Disgaea DS, and Disgaea 1 Complete.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


His first appearance is in Chapter 9, Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, where he is seen as a hologram, wishing Captain Gordon the best of luck on his mission to slay the overlord.  He is seen later in the same chapter, telling Kurtis that slaying the overlord was just a ruse, and the real reason behind his orders was to secure a route to the netherworld.

His next appearance wouldn't be until Chapter 11, Hero's Will, Overlord's Way, where he is seen talking with Archangel Vulcanus about his invasion of the netherworld, and how his armada of two millions ships were built using the most advanced technology.  Speculation can say that Vulcanus was simply using Carter to destroy all the demons in the netherworld, and using the excuse of overpopulation to drive him to do so.

In Chapter 12, War of the Netherworld: Part 1, he reveals to Captain Gordon that he (Carter) had used him (Gordon) to secure a route to the netherworld, and told Gordon that he would tell the people of Earth that Captain Gordon died while valliantly fighting the overlord.  It is also later revealed that General Carter is Jennifer's foster father, as Jennifer's parents had died when she was young.

In Chapter 13, War of the Netherworld: Part 2, he appears as holograms to taunt Gordon some more.  He is seen in the final part of the chapter as controlling Jennifer through a neural override device, and also revealing that Jennifer knows Kung Fu.  When Kurtis shows up and reveals to be a traitor, he orders Jennifer to destroy Kurtis.  When Jennifer is unable to, Carter simply settles for blowing up and killing everyone using a bomb inside the neural override device, which is stopped by Kurtis.  Carter then summons a Celestial host to help him.

When the Celestial host fails to stop everyone, Carter retreats to an escape pod and escapes from the group.  However, he encounters Vyers, who asks Carter who is behind the attack on the Netherworld.  When Carter refuses to answer, Vyers threatens to kill him.  Carter then reveals the man to be "A man with White Wings".

And finally, when Carter tells Vyers that he just wished to save the earth, Vyers asks him how he planned to save the earth when he could not even save his own daughter, and points out that Carter was just using people to forward his own goals and fill his own ego.  And until he realizes this, he will be plagued by nightmares.

General Carter can be seen one last time in the last optional map of the Human World, where he transforms into 'Astro Carter', and carries a rare armor, the 'Astro Suit'.  After defeating him and all the humans on the map, the 'Conquer Earth' ending plays.