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Garungun the Destroyer is a character in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. He is a powerful but delusional red Golem and a member of the Krichevskoy Group.



Garungun is a Golem who bears several features that make him stand out from his brethren: his skin is red instead of white; he wears two large black chains across his chest; and has white bandages wrapped around his left forearm, which apparently prevents the Majin inside his arm from escaping.


Garungun is a highly delusional being, constantly talking about having an "evil eye", a Majin sealed within his left arm, and wings that apparently cannot be seen by "those without an evil eye". Despite this, he's just as devoted to Krichevskoy as his colleagues.

In Battle[]

Garungun is a hard hitter who can also take several hits as a tank, with an insanely high base HP aptitude. Garungun's Evility, Fabricated Setting, follows this, instantly healing him to maximum health and increasing stats by 30% for three turns when he falls under 25% health.

Garungun's unique attacks are Spinning Shock, Gaea's Pulse, and Ultimate Form; his Mounted skill is Godly Machine.



  • Garungun's various delusions is meant to be an example of chuunibyou (中二病, chūnibyō, lit. meaning "Second Year syndrome"). Chuunibyou is a Japanese term describing early teens who've grandiose delusions, desperately want to stand out, and have convinced themselves they've hidden knowledge or secret powers. The irony of this is that, with Garungun being a fantastic creature, the things he believes about himself are more likely to be true.