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Fuyo was the wife of Mugai and the mother of Fuji; she previously owned and ran an inn in Gero haunt springs before being killed by someone because of their hatred for Mugai.


She married Mugai, and after Rekka, her mother's passing, she gave birth to Fuji. She ran and owned an inn in Gero haunt Springs, where she cared for Fuji, and she assisted in the creation of Infernal Treasures, which is where Fuji learned how they worked and how to heal them. After her husband's defeat to Demmodore Opener, an unnamed demon grew in hatred for Mugai. One day during sword training, Fuji drew bored and ran off. When Fuyo went to find him, she was killed by this unnamed demon, which Fuji blames himself for, and it throws Mugai into an insane grief, wishing to rid himself of empathy, which starts the story.


  • Fuji's appearance is more in line with Fuyo's than Mugai's, only having red skin on his arm, unlike his father, who has red skin with black patterns on his entire body.