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Fuji is the main character of Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless. He is a rogue samurai who rejected the Bushido tenets of the Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster. He is self-diagnosed with a "Empathy Allergy", and if exposed to high amounts of friendship, affection, or sympathy, begins to cough up considerable amounts of blood. Fuji uses the Male Samurai class and starts the game at level 1.

"A wayward warrior who lacks money. He's allergic to empathy, and favor's brutality over swordsmanship. Will do anything to win." - Fuji's Unit Info Page



Fuji is a tall, muscular demon. He has pale skin that turns red from his chest down to his left arm and into his fingers. He has thick, two-pointed eyebrows and red eyes with little red markings and dark circles underneath them. His hair is coarse, tied up in a ponytail, and black with red highlights. He has enormous horns that extend from his head. He has brown hair at the end of his black dragon tail. The top of his hakama is always down, tied to his waist by a red rope. The pants of the Hakama have folds that make them appear baggy, with flame-like red marks coming up from the bottom of the legs. He has wrappings around his sides and legs, with tabi socks and zori sandals.


He is erratic, rude, and arrogant. frequently boasting or making fun of his rivals until he is forced to back down. as seen by his boasting to Joe Doe before his deployment of the illusion spell. He seems to have a short fuse because he gets upset easily. It is eventually shown that, despite his incessant disparaging of everyone around him, he is, as Pirilika puts it, a "big softie" at heart. He tries to protect himself from the curse by being impolite, but he cares more than he lets on. Additionally, he often acts awkwardly when trying to be kind. perhaps as a result of his prolonged period of acting cold due to the curse. He frequently portrays the straight man in the group, either by flatly declining to participate in madness or being confused by it.


Formerly the student of Mugai Zesshosai, the strongest warrior of Hinomoto of his era, with Sea Again and Benikage as his upperclassmen, Fuji was rendered homeless after his masters defeat at the hands of Demmodore Opener and the Shogunate. In his attempts to flee, a curse was placed upon him giving him his Empathy Allergy, to prevent him from rallying his fellow students to avenge their master. After wandering the lands for many years, he entered the tutelage of the new Zesshosai, Higan, who he grew to respect his new master's vicious fighting style and adopted an attitude that only results matter and as such built his own style around using dirty tactics and duplicity to survive, no matter what.



Fuji using Roaring Stampede in Disgaea 7

Following the pattern of previous protagonists, Fuji carries a well balanced focus on Swords and Fists. He is generally quite well rounded, able to make use of his sword skills to handle enemies at range and his personal skill to deal with groups of enemies.

Other Appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Fuji appears as an obtainable character.





  • Fuji is a skilled ping pong player due to living in Gero haunt springs
  • Fuji eats poorly due to lack of money, as stated by himself when speaking in the overworld to Pirilika and the Catsaber NPC.
  • According to the dialogue in the overworld and DLC, Fuji may not have ever traveled outside of Hinomoto. being surprised by Pirilika's statement of wearing a bikini when in the springs, and when Mao mentions taking him to Evil Academy, he exclaims, He is "Hinomoto born and raised!" and refuses to ever leave.
  • Two NPCs in the overworld mention Fuji's looks: Pirilika's manager mentions that if he made a social media account, he would make a killing on his looks; and the Succubus offers him a job drinking with girls and that he would be "really popular".
  • He may have previously had a gambling addiction, as he mentions in the overworld that he would play the slots in Casinomoto.
  • He mentions multiple instances where Higan would leave him in parts of Hinomoto where he almost died in the overworld, Slapporo being the worst one. Learning how to summon fire as to not freeze to death.
  • It is theorized by Pirilika that learning to survive in such cold weather may be why he doesn't wear a shirt.
  • He previously worked in Sardemon world and would "make a Killing".
  • Kanzan, the previous Zesshosai, was the mother of Rekka, another past Zesshosai, who was also the mother of Fuyo. meaning Fuji's grandmother and great-grandmother were both Zesshosai's at one point.
  • In Fuji's child portrait, his left arm and chest are not red, and his eyes are also missing their red marks. This implies that these parts of his body turned red as he grew older.