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Frost Castle is the 6th map in Chronicles of Etnarnia (Continued), the 4th and final episode of Etna Mode.


Maderas is plotting the Tome's theft and Etna's demise. But Etna has her own plans for Maderas. Using the Dark Durians, she stole back her memories and now there is nothing holding her back from getting revenge.

After the battle, Maderas beggs to spare his life. But Etna doesn't even get the chance to think about it as Vulcanus arrives and kills him. Vulcanus has big plans to become the next Seraph, and killing Etna and Flonne seems to be part of those plans.


There are no Geo Effects to worry about. Using area of effect skills or magic will help reduce the number of enemies more quickly. The Corpses and Nebiros can inflict status ailments, so keep a healer or someone else with the Espoir skill at the ready to deal with those as quickly as possible.