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Fourth Battle is the 4th and final map of Coliseum, the 6th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

The opponents for this fight are Etna's Prinny Squad, who are under the wrong impression that you'll let yourself be defeated. Now that they have to actually put effort, they prepare their secret formation and challenge you to bowling, though Adell points out that they've placed themselves as the pins.

After the battle[]

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Embarrassed by their defeat, the Prinnies run away to hide in their secret base. The fights are done for today, so our heroes can go inside to rest. Back inside they find Yukimaru, who is acting strangely and tells them to abandon the arena. As Adell gets aggressive and ready to fight her, she decides to retreat.


This is a joke fight, where you're simply meant to throw the first Prinny(named like a type of bowling ball) and cause a chain of explosions.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Beat the stage using only 1 attack.