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First Battle is the 1st map of Coliseum, the 6th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

The party arrives at the Coliseum where they meet Etna once more, though she won't be participating in the tournament directly and will instead have the Prinny Squad take care of the fights. Once inside the building they also find Axel, who will be acting as MC and referee of the arena. He quickly takes them to their first battle, against the so called "Invincible Hero Squad".

After the battle[]

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Our heroes are disappointed that their opponents were not only not invincible but actually quite weak, and their leader explains that this was actually their debut fight and it turns out their name is just a play on the fact that they've technically never lost.


None of the enemies except their leader is using a weapon that matches their proficiency, making the fight quite easy. The leader has 3 unique pieces of equipment that have the worst stats in the game, however they each come with a rare Collector Specialist, making it worth it to steal from him.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Make a Tower of 10 characters(instant warp).