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Fire (炎 honō, Flame) is one of the three Elemental Affinities. Having anything above 0% means a character is resistant to the element, while having anything below 0% means a character has a weakness of the element.

The Firefighter Specialist increases a character’s resistance to attacks that are fire-based. In Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and beyond, a Firefighter can also increase the damage of fire spells and abilities.


  • Fire
  • Mega Fire
  • Giga Fire
  • Omega Fire
  • Tera Fire
  • Peta Fire

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness[]

Fire is easily the worst element to have a weakness to in the first Disgaea, because there are more attacks that are Fire based than the other two elements combined. On top of that, there is an Axe attack that is fire-based, which will cause major damage since axes have higher attack than any other weapon.

Skills that are based in the fire element:

  • Big Bang (Fist)
  • Spear Storm (Spear)
  • Zielregen (Bow)
  • Rapidfire (Gun)
  • Totenkreuz (Gun)
  • Graviton Bomb (Axe)
  • Petit Flare (Faery)
  • Bomb Magic (Spirit)
  • Golem Cannon (Golem)
  • Cannonball (Gargoyle)
  • Eruption (Gargoyle)
  • Fire Dance (Shadow)
  • Fire and Ice (Shadow)
  • Fire Breath (Dragon)*
  • Red Nova (Dragon)*
  • Dragonic Flare (Dragon)*
  • Zombie Gattling (Undead)
  • Devour (Beast)
  • Chaos Fire (Nosferatu)
  • Fiery Dance (Great Wyrm)**
  • Fiery Column (Great Wyrm)**
  • Fiery Roar (Great Wyrm)**
  • Fiery Burst (Great Wyrm)**
  • Prinny Bomb (Prinny)

* Only certain dragons can learn these fire skills. See the dragon page for more information.

** Only the Efreet and the Kagusutchi classes of the Great Wyrm learn Fire-affiliated skills.

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