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Final Battle is the 3rd and final map of Battle Tournament, the 7th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

The next opponent is Axel, who abused his authority as referee to place himself as the other finalist. Axel confirms that he doesn't actually expect to defeat Adell, but this is a good opportunity to arrange a video that makes him look good.

After the battle[]

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Not only has Axel lost, but the Director also confirms that the camera wasn't actually recording. Feeling pity for him, Adell invites him to accompany them to meet Zenon and maybe get some secret footage of him. Axel gets back up and happily proclaims that this was his plan all along.

Tink congratulates Rozalin on her victory but soon starts acting weird and threatens to kill her, though he's promptly stopped by an attack from outside the arena. As our heroes mourn(?) over his death, another Tink enters the arena accompanied by the Masked Woman, who tells them that the first Tink was an enemy in disguise. The fake Tink then transforms into the second Yukimaru, who takes the opportunity to escape. Regardless, the Masked Woman confirms that our heroes have won and they can go meet Overlord Zenon in the sub-levels of the Coliseum.

News Broadcast[]

SPOILERS, click "Expand" to view

Usagi reports that the winner was a human boy, however due to technical difficulties there's no actual footage of the event. He additionally reports that the MC was some escaped mental patient that happened to resemble Axel, who is still believed to be dead.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Throw an enemy into an ally that's already holding an enemy(instant warp).