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Fervent Melody
D1area 43
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 焼き尽くす戦慄
Romaji Yaki tsukusu senritsu
Location Sea of Gehenna
Episode Episode 10: Angels, Demons, and Humans
Enemies Lv. 34 Guardian x5
Bonus rank 17
Symbols Lv. 34 D1 Symbol Blue 'Invincibility'
Lv. 34 D1 Symbol Blue 'No Lifting'
Panels Blue
prevmap Primordial Soup
Nextmap Wasteland of Woe

Fervent Melody is the 1st map in Angels, Demons, and Humans, the 10th episode of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


On Earth, General Carter reveals the true purpose of the mission he sent Gordon on. Meanwhile, in the Netherworld, Laharl and his companions go on a picnic, while Gordon plans his escape.


With only four Guardians spread out throughout the map, and one more straggler sitting on the sidelines away from the others, this would be a pretty easy map if it weren't for the Invincibility and No Lifting effects that are active. In order to attack and damage the enemies, you will require a character with a Movement range of 6. (An ATK-based character is ideal, due to high HP being required.) If done correctly, two Gargoyles, one from behind and near your position will both advance to the character. Keep your position until the enemies move off of the Blue Panels. Then bring out the rest of your force and hack away at these two enemies with any and all attacks at your disposal. Since your team (Save for the one used as bait) is on the Blue Panels, they will be Invincible while the enemies attack in vain. Repeat the process with the final two enemies to clear the map. Note that Gargoyles have a tendency to cast Paralyzation with their Special Attacks. Be sure to have a healer on hand to counteract it.

Alternately, if Hoggmeiser is at level 35 or above, his special technique Earthshaker can be used to move the No Lifting symbol out of the blue panels, allowing to throw the enemies in vulnerable space without the need for a bait character.