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A Felony is a gameplay feature that only appears in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. Felonies are a sign of honor for demons, because laws only exist in the Netherworld to be broken.

In Adell Mode this feature is unlocked during its tutorial on episode 3, while in Axel Mode it's unlocked as soon as any character meets the conditions to earn a Felony. In both cases, it remains unlocked even through New Cycles.

How it works[]

Gaining Felonies[]

Dark Court

Receiving Felonies after entering the Dark Court.

Characters may be assigned subpoenas from the Post Office NPC by clearing certain conditions(see list below), and accepting one creates a Subpoena item with a Bailiff Specialist. Inside the Item World of an item with a Bailiff, a special portal will appear in the floor that matches the level of the Bailiff. Entering said portal summons the character to the Dark Court, where they will receive a certain number of felonies, as well as a physical reward(HL, Mana or items).

Felony Stamp

A character with maxed out Felonies.

Felonies have a limit of 300 per character, and those with felonies will have a stamp over their portrait denoting the current number. The stamps only show a maximum of 99 felonies(despite the limit of 300), but Dark Hero Days added a section in the status screen that displays the exact value. Note that if a Tower of characters is thrown into the Dark Court, all of them will receive felonies, speeding up the process of obtaining them. Likewise, Magichanged monsters also gain felonies if their wielders enter the portal.


Felonies grant various effects, whose strength depends on the number of felonies on the character:

  • Increases total EXP gained(+1% per felony)
  • Reduces shop purchase prices(by up to 33%)
  • Increases shop selling prices(by up to 33%)
  • Higher approval rate from Senators at the Dark Assembly
  • When using Ascend in the Dark World, raises the level of enemies instead of hurting the Dark Sun
  • Unlocks certain stages(at 33, 66 and 99 felonies)
  • Some of the endings depend on the felonies on Adell

Losing Felonies[]

As there are some negative effects to Felonies, it's possible for characters to get their stamp removed. Generic classes can get rid of their felonies by using the option to "Reincarnate as a Prinny" in the Dark Assembly, then Reincarnating back to whichever class they want. Unique characters have the option to "Reincarnate to Atone for their Sins", which works more like regular Reincarnation. In both cases, the character loses their Felony stamp along with all of its effects except for the increased EXP gain.

List of Felonies[]

General Felonies[]

Each character keeps their own list of these felonies, and they reset upon reincarnating.

Name Unlock Condition Bailiff
High [stat] (8 separate Felonies) Corresponding stat reaches certain threshold.
(Lvl: 20. HP: 500. SP:250. Others: 200)
6-14 2 50.000 HL
Too high [stat] (8 separate Felonies) Corresponding stat reaches certain threshold.
(Lvl: 200. HP: 5000. SP:2500. Others: 2000)
16-24 6 2.000.000 HL
Way too high [stat] (8 separate Felonies) Corresponding stat reaches certain threshold.
(Lvl: 2000. HP: 50000. SP:25000. Others: 20000)
36-44 10 500.000.000 HL
Too many murders Kill 100 enemies 16-24 2 Immortal Pills
Friendly fire Kill 20 allies 16-24 2 Heretic
Being a loser Get killed 20 times 16-24 2 Spirit Muscle
Team attacking Do 100 Team attacks 16-24 6 Gank
Comboing Be in Combos of lengths adding to 100 16-24 4 Demon Smasher
Stack attacking Do 100 Tower attacks 16-24 6 Tower Shield
Pitching Prinnies Throw 20 Prinnies 16-24 3 Prinny Staff
Geo vandalism Do a Geo Combo of 500 or more 16-24 2 Astral Orb
Excessive force Deal over 1000 damage in one hit 16-24 4 Spirit Belt
Liking guys Have 10 male Pupils 16-24 2 500 Mana
Liking girls Have 10 female Pupils 16-24 2 500 Mana
Being a breeder Have 10 monster Pupils 16-24 2 500 Mana
Corrupting the youth Have a humanoid Pupil reach level 100 16-24 6 5.000 Mana
Illegal breeding Have a monster Pupil reach level 100 16-24 6 5.000 Mana
Mastering [weapon] (7 separate Felonies) Reach Weapon Mastery level 15 with the corresponding weapon 56-64 12 Corresponding Weapon Scroll
Mastering [element] Magic (4 separate Felonies) Level of corresponding element spells adds to 15 (must know the 6 spell tiers) 56-64 12 Exodus
Mastering Heal Magic Level of healing spells adds to 15 (must know the 4 spell tiers) 56-64 12 Universal Orb
Reincarnating Reincarnate 10 times 56-64 16 Red Moon Bow
Magichanging others Use the Magichange command 10 times 56-64 12 Magichange Weight

Unique Felonies[]

These felonies are not associated to a specific character, and can only be obtained once per savefile(starting a new cycle won't reset them).

Name Unlock Condition Bailiff
Your existence Obtained during the Felony tutorial(Episode 3) 4 1 Dark Rosary
2nd round of playing Start a new cycle 36-44 10 Noble Rose
Playing too much Savefile playtime reaches 100 hours 12-18 10 Sundae
Being too rich Have 100.000.000 HL 12-18 10 10.000 Mana
Mastering classes Unlock every class 12-18 10 Twilight
Political unrest Approve 30 Assembly Bills by force 12-18 10 Veggie Burger
Kidnapping Capture 15 enemies 12-18 10 The Demon
Tele Fraud(1) Use 30 Defender phones 12-18 10 Laser Blade
Tele Fraud(2) Use 30 Prism phones 12-18 10 Prism Cannon
Tele Fraud(3) Use 30 D. Hero phones 12-18 10 Macho Fist
Magichange self Use Magichange 100 times 12-18 10 Magichange Scroll
Murdering Baal Defeat Baal 56-64 10 Astral Orb