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The Evility Shop, later renamed to Skill Shop, is a facility introduced in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. It allows the player to spend a unit's Mana to purchase skills, skill boosts and Evilities.

Buying Skills[]

Buying skills is only possible in Disgaea 3 and 4, where Weapon Mastery is replaced for Weapon Forte, and Weapon Skills and Spells aren't learned naturally.

Boosting Skills[]

A function that increases the potency of a skill but also increases its SP cost. Most skills can be boosted up to 9 times, and there is an option to reduce the boost level of a skill in case it became too expensive to use.

  • Disgaea 3 and 4: Boosts grant a multiplier to the Power of attack/healing skills(applied after additive boosts). Skills with variable range/area gain a new area with each boost and 1 more panel of range every 3 boosts.
    • Max power boost in D3: x550% for offensive Spells, x145% for healing Spells, x640% for most other skills.
    • Max power boost in D4: x320% for offensive Spells (x385% when Giant), x145% for healing Spells, x640% for all others (x800% when Giant).
  • Disgaea 5 and 7: Boosts usually increase the Base Power of attack/healing skills by +7%. From this game onward, area increases must be purchased separately, and range can't boosted by this facility.
  • Disgaea 6: The max boost level in this game is 9,999, so there's an option to buy multiple boosts at once. Power boosts are once again a multiplier, reaching x250,000,100% on level 9,999. If you lower a skill's level, raising it back up to any level that had already been reached will cost no Mana.

Buying Evilities[]

Characters can purchase additional Evilities, and even sell them back for half their original Mana cost. Each class has a few Evilities they can unlock for purchase, but there's also a selection of generic Evilities available for multiple or even all classes.

With the introduction of Class Proficiency, all characters can unlock Evilities that normally correspond to a Generic class, including their Unique Evility if the class is fully mastered.