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Evil Symbols are buildings that you can place on the Cam-Pain HQ map. They are similar to the Clubs in Disgaea 3 except that characters may be a part of more than one Evil Symbol. Each symbol takes up one tile on the map for itself and has its own predefined "Evil Area" shape which provides a Leader tile and zero or more member tiles. Characters placed inside the Evil Area tiles will have special traits applied to them.

Units on a Leader tile get 2 bonuses from the other members:

  • They gain a stat boost, working under the same principle as the boost from the Extra Gain system.
  • They are able to use the spells of members standing next to them in battle(at level 0 and boost 0). Unlike with Extra Gain, the Leader can't learn the spells.

More tiles can be added to an Evil Symbol's area by way of the Chara World. Each symbol can have a maximum of six tiles, counting one for the leader and up to five other members. Additional tiles can be placed on the map from the [Edit Area] submenu of [Place Evil Symbol] in Cam-Pain HQ.

List of Evil Symbols[]

Name Member
Unlock Condition Description
Base 0 Initial No effect. Is placed by default and can't be removed or repositioned.
Aura Pyramid 3 Initial 50% of the kill Mana you gain is also gained by other members.
Training Ground 4 Initial 10% of the kill EXP you gain is also gained by other members.
Defense Fortress 4 Initial Bill While you're Defending, take damage in place of adjacent allies.
Heart Cannon 2 Initial Bill If an enemy within your normal attack range is hit by an ally, immediately follow up with a normal attack.
Discipline Room 3 Throw enemies 3 times Allows you to capture enemies by throwing them into the Base Panel. In your base you'll be able to extort them for HL, treasure, or to recruit them.
Hall Monitor 4 Steal from an enemy Allows you to extort items from Senators during Senate Hearings.
Babel Tower 4 Use a Tower Attack on an enemy Enables Dual Throw while you're the base of a Tower, letting you use the Throw command with any unit of the tower(except the top) instead of only the base.
Cam-Pain Board 4 Pass 3 Bills You'll appear as a Senator during Senate Hearings.
Nether Shoe Lab 4 Automatically during Episode 2 Increases Move by 5, but you can only move in a straight line. If you're thrown, you'll only be able to move along the same axis as the throw.
Nether Express 1 Have a unit move 10 or more spaces in 1 direction Gives you the Station Creation skill(Range: 3), which summons a train station onto the map. Allies standing on the base panel will be able to teleport to the station without spending their Move(station tile must be unoccupied).
petanque.hades.org 4 Throw allies at ally monster units 30 times Lets you throw ally units at enemies. The ally will take over the enemy's tile and throw the enemy as far as they can in the direction they're facing.
Sacrificial Altar 3 Have 2 units die in a span of 4 stages If the Leader dies while a member is dispatched, the member will die instead and the Leader will survive with as much HP as the member had.
General Advisor 4 Have 10 units die in total When a member dies, all other members will gain 10% of the dead member's base stats for the rest of the battle.
Fusion Weapon Lab 2 Kill a level 100 enemy with a Fused monster Allows monsters in it to use Giant Magichange.
Dual Dojo 1 Kill a level 1000 enemy with a Magichanged monster Allows monsters in it to use Dual Magichange.
Item World Radar 3 Defeat an Item King Having it placed increases the chances of random events in the Item World.
Rosen Queen 3 Complete Episode 2 Opens the Specialty Shop in your base. The available items will depend on the Cam-Pain HQ tiles covered by the Evil Area. (List of items here)
Legendary Tree 3 Automatically during Episode 4 Lets you stablish relationships between the Leader and members for different bonuses. (Explanation here)
Information Bureau 4 Complete Episode 4 If a member is hit by a special skill, all members will receive 10% less damage from that skill for the rest of the battle.
Blight House 3 Complete Episode 7 If you're a Cabinet Member, gain a 10% stats boost.
Beast Lab 3 Beat Extra Stage 6 When a monster member Magichanges, the resulting weapon will have a percentage of their total stats(instead of just the base stats).
Carnage Master 1 Have any base stat reach 20.000.000+ in a unit Allows you to fuse into an already Fused monster(your main Evility will replace the other inherited Evility).