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Evil Ranger Pink is a recurring minor character in the Disgaea series, seen most often as Axel's sidekick, and first seen in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. She is a pink recolor of the Deathsaber and Slumber Cat classes.


Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days[]

Evil Ranger Pink is one of Axel's recruitable allies in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. When Axel first arrives at the set where the Evil Rangers' show is to be cast, he apparently is offended by the fact he was getting a minor role, and fights all five Evil Rangers. Pink, impressed by his fighting, decides to join him. She also teaches him the Toss, Pass, and Magichange tutorials.

She can be recruited in the Land of Carnage while playing as Adell if Axel can also be recruited (however, if Axel is unrecruitable, Pink, Main Hero B and Actress will be unavailable too. The player must also have passed her recruitment bill in the Dark Assembly with Adell as a Senator in order to even gain the chance to do so).

Being a re-color of the Deathsaber class, she should be treated as such. However, her stats will never stack up to that of a six-tier Deathsaber, so Pink is best used as a support attacker and/or Magichange weapon.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten[]

Pink later reappears in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, serving as Axel's sidekick. She often makes brief cameo appearances in cutscenes involving Axel, but occasionally appears alongside him in battle. She also cameos in Axel's special attack "Love Dynamite S".

She appears in the main game as a Slumber Cat instead of her usual Deathsaber form. In the Deathsaber DLC, it is revealed that upon arriving in the Disgaea 4 Netherworld, Axel and Pink were both attacked, and Axel was imprisoned and Pink was forced to reincarnate into a Slumber Cat because of her injuries. Later, Axel goes out of his way to get Pink back to her original form.


She typically acts similar to a fangirl, often praising Axel's aggressive tendencies and encouraging his "head-on" approach to problems, though it's hard to tell if she's being sarcastic or not, as she often comments on how Axel's idiocy is fitting of a Dark Hero. However, she also knows when there is another situation to a problem, and will usually ignore it in favor of Axel's decision. She is also slightly vain, saying that she can charm Axel's enemies with her "sexiness." She typically says "Mew" ("Nya" in Japanese) at the end of her sentences, similar to the Prinny's usage of the word "Dood" ("-Su" in Japanese). She also refers to Axel as "Mr. Axel" ("Akutare-sama" in Japanese).

In her Disgaea 4 appearance, she seems to stop poking fun at Axel's personality and instead seems to genuinely care for him, praising him for getting her body back and willing to fight the main cast to stay by Axel's side.