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Maritsu Academy background

The Nether Institute, Evil Academy.

Evil Academy (魔立邪悪学園 Maritsu Jaaku Gakuen) is the main setting of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. It is a Demon School that has a constantly expanding campus and basically takes up the entire Netherworld. Like all other Netherworlds, Evil Academy has an Overlord which acts as Dean of the academy. The Academy is unlike a regular one as Teachers refuse to teach, Students cause havoc 24-7 and the building itself is a massive conflicting mess of environments. Example: One part of the school is completely frozen, with the floors and walls covered in Ice while another part of the school is filled with Lava.

Freshmen Building[]

The Building for all Freshman Students. It has a fairly basic set up for the most part, containing various stores for students to use, such as the Rosen Queen. It also has a dimensional gate which can allow quick access to other parts of the school. The Freshmen Building acts as the game's main Hub Area.

Sophomore Building[]

The Sophomore Building is very bizarre as it appears to more like a battlefield from feudal Japan rather than a school. It also appears to be outdoors but because the sky in Sophomore Building is in permanent Twilight and the rest of the Academy is in permanent Night this seems quite impossible.

Senior Building[]

The Senior Building is the most bizarre building in the school due to the fact that it flies. The interior is also strange as it is completely distorted and out of order, making it difficult to tell up from down (being somewhat Escheresque).