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Etna Mode is an alternate story campaign introduced in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. It is unlocked by reading all entries on Etna's Journal before reaching the final episode, then finishing the story and starting a New Cycle, upon which a choice will be given to play the regular story or Etna Mode. Whichever is chosen, the entire story must be played through and another New Cycle started in order to change between modes.

This campaign is an alternate version of the story in which Etna accidentally kills Laharl while trying to wake him up, so now she needs to deal herself with the demons trying to take the throne while pretending Laharl is still ok.


Early unlock[]

There is a code that can be used on the title screen to unlock Etna Mode without having to go through the main story. The difficulty is also heavily reduced when starting this way. The code adjusts to controller type and bindings, and consists of pressing the buttons for the following actions while the Start option is highlighted in the main menu: Menu, Movement Range, Cancel, Menu, Movement Range, Cancel, Accept. Etna will shout a quip if input correctly.

  • In PlayStation controllers with default bindings it would be: Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X.