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Eryndum in battle

Eryndum is an Eryngi Mushroom Overlord who appears as a hidden boss in Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! on the level "Martial Temple" should the player replay the level after defeating Overlord Priere.

Not much is known about the creature at this point however it is listed as being a Tyrant class demon. Eryndum is actually much heavier than its appearance suggests and likes to make use of this in combat. His catchphrase is "Umm, Eryndum?" and he also quoted to say "...You're pissing me off. gii!". Its gender is unknown at this stage.

While in combat Eryndum uses its heavy weight to run into the Hero Prinny at high speed to cause damage. Eryndum is also one of the fastest moving opponents on the game and runs in a hard to predict pattern around the battlefield, when it is low on health its speed increases dramatically. Occasionally it will stop and fire a laser beam from its eyes which causes a large explosion on any surface it hits. It is also immune to the Hip Pound attack because using it will cause the Hero Prinny to be thrown into the lasers above causing instant death however it can be stunned using the Prinny Cyclone attack.