Eringa (also known as Eringya or Eringer) is a mushroom-shaped Monster class that has existed since the Marl Kingdom games.


La Pucelle: TacticsEdit

In La Pucelle, Eringas are a recruitable monster class. An optional event in Chapter 3 unlocks the Eringa Valley, where one Eringa can be paid to join the team. They also live on Mt. Champignon alongside the Dragonshrooms.

Phantom BraveEdit

During their appearance in Phantom Brave Eringas are a small, tough unit that becomes available after enough have been defeated. Tyrant Baal also appears as one of these.

Disgaea 3: Absence of JusticeEdit

In Disgaea 3, Eringas become recruitable. Their evilities are the opposite to Succubi, as they take less damage from and cut the stats of female opponents, apparently due to the spores that they release.

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