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Enter the Final Weapon is the third episode in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.


After hearing news that Warden Axel is alive, Valvatorez decides to go back to Hades to quell the prison riot started by Warden Axel. Fuka is excited seeing how the prisoners can be scary but Fenrich tells her to stay behind. They meet Axel who summons his secret weapon which turns out to be Emizel, much to the party's disappointment. Emizel promises full pardons from the President if the prisoners kill Valvatorez. Valvatorez states he must take that promise seriously or suffer severe pain, shocking and confusing Emizel. They fight many prisoners including former Overlords who claim they were wrongly imprisoned.

These Overlords state that they were only doing their jobs as demons to scare humans and got arrested for it. After Valvatorez defeats them, they wonder how they are defeated so easily when Fenrich states he is the former Tyrant Valvatorez who plans to overthrow the Corrupterment, much to everyone's surprise. Axel is scared and decides to release the forbidden prisoner from the Forbidden Cell. The party arrives to see Axel releasing the prisoner which first appears as a shadow claiming to be a final boss that seeks out heroes. Valvatorez states he is not one causing the prisoner to reveal herself as Desco. Axel orders Desco to attack them and she decides to attack Axel first with eye lasers making it seem like he died once more. Desco decides to attack Emizel next and Valvatorez quickly moves in the way to protect him. Emizel passes out afterwards.

He states Desco is not a true final boss and fights her and wins. Saddened by the loss, Desco cries, stating she could not beat someone who is not a hero and wonders if she will be abandoned again. They learn she was created by humans and was cast out for being useless. Valvatorez is more determined to whip the demons into proper shape by forming the Hades Party and promising to train Desco to become a final boss. Suddenly, Emizel wakes up and wondering what is happening. Fenrich hands him a newspaper stating that he had died, shocking him greatly.


Desco Ending: If the player lost against Desco in 3-6 (Forbidden Cell), they will get the Desco Ending and be forced to start a new cycle.


  • Murder Labyrinth
  • Searing Euthanasia
  • Chains of Judgment
  • Vengeful Road
  • Dark Execution
  • Forbidden Cell