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Enter Flonne is the second episode of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and its remakes, following Prince of the Netherworld.


In Celestia, Seraph Lamington is speaking to Angel Trainee Flonne, asking her opinions about demons. When she states that she doesn't know for sure what demons are like, he gives her an assignment: assassinate King Krichevskoy. Flonne is somewhat puzzled, but goes off on her assignment anyway.

Vulcanus is quite upset at this, claiming that he would be a much better candidate for an assassination mission, but the Seraph seems to believe otherwise.

When Flonne arrives at Laharl's Castle, she is surprised by Laharl himself, who demands to know who she is and why she's there. After a short conversation, Flonne flees to the Frozen River, followed closely by Laharl and his troops.

After a few close encounters, including a magic duel between Etna and Flonne, the party finally corners Flonne, who then summons a dragon to help defend herself. After her defeat, she learns that Kriechevskoy died two years previously, leaving Laharl an orphan. She is sad, but Laharl claims not to care, in fact, emphatically stating that he hated his father and is pleased by the news of his death.

Flonne then joins the party in an effort to determine whether or not demons can feel love.

Special note[]

All of the enemies in this area (oddly enough, this includes Flonne, even though she has neutral resistance to elements after she joins) are weak to fire and strong to ice. Red Mages and Red Skulls are very useful on these maps.


There are no special endings in this chapter.


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The following background images or areas occur (perhaps for the first of many times) in this episode.