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D4 Enemy Strength Example

The same enemy at strength rank 0, 10 and 20.

Enemy Strength is a modifier than raises the level of all enemies, increasing their power but also the rewards from defeating them. While in earlier games it's modified by passing bills at the Dark Assembly, games with a Cheat Shop can easily modify it as one of its settings.

Enemy Strength rank can go from 0 to 20, with each rank increasing enemy level by 20% + 2, totaling 400% + 40 at max rank. As an example, a level 1000 enemy would gain 202 levels per rank increase, becoming level 5040 at rank 20.

This modifier is added to the one from Land of Carnage. From Disgaea D2 onward, on enemies with Carnage modifier, each strength rank will instead increase level by 2000% + 200 (equivalent to 100 regular rank increases).