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“The third adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones has a caring heart.”
—Character description

Elizabeth Liones, commonly known as Elizabeth, is one of the main characters of the anime series The Seven Deadly Sins. She appears in Disgaea RPG as an obtainable character through the The Seven Deadly Sins collaboration alongside Meliodas, Ban, Diane, Gowther, King and Merlin.

Elizabeth is a princess of the Kingdom of Liones who accompanies Meliodas on the Boar Hat.



Elizabeth retains her original appearance from the The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Elizabeth is a beautiful young woman with pale skin, a curvaceous figure and a supple bust. She has long, white hair that also covers her right eye. She has blue eyes. She wears an earring with a blue jewel. She wears a black, sleeveless collared dress shirt with white buttons. She wears a pink cravat. She wears a frilly black sleeve on her left arm. She wears a short, white miniskirt. She wears a black stocking on her right leg. She wears a white high heel on her right foot and a black high heel on her left foot.

“Elizabeth changed clothes with Etna's outfit for an otherworldly fashion battle. Its destructive power is outstanding!”
—Devil Girl character description

As Devil Girl Elizabeth, she wears Etna's standard outfit. She has her long, white hair tied into long, twin ponytails that and her bangs still cover her right eye. The ponytails are tied up with a black tie. She wears two skull earrings. She wears a black choker lined with a large ring at its center. She wears a black belt on the top half of her left arm. She wears two black gloves and wears red circular bracelets on her wrists. She wears a black bikini top. She wears short shorts and a white belt. She wears red stockings and black thigh-high boots.


Elizabeth retains her personality from the The Seven Deadly Sins series.

Elizabeth is a kind and caring individual. Coming from a royal upbringing, she is a polite person who acts with integrity and shows great respect for the Seven Deadly Sins. She often tries to help others out and has a warm disposition. An optimistic person, she wishes to resolve things peacefully and diplomatically. She is also quite determined when setting out to accomplish her tasks, objectives and goals.


The Seven Deadly Sins[]

For more information on her story from The Seven Deadly Sins, please visit the Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki

Elizabeth's adventure begins once she happens upon Meliodas, the owner of the renowned tavern known as the Boar Hat.

Disgaea RPG[]


Elizabeth Liones[]


Stats Lv. 1 (4★) Lv. 9999 (6★)
HP 109 31506900
ATK 27 7501800
DEF 31 9001950
INT 43 12002850
RES 44 12003000
SPD 52 52
CRT 4% 4%
CRD 140% 140%


Elements Affinity
Fire 25%
Ice 25%
Wind 25%
Star 25%


Status Effects Affinity
Poison 40%
Paralyze 40%
Sleep 40%
Forget 40%

Weapon mastery[]

Weapon Affinity
Sword 4
Fist 4
Spear 4
Bow 4
Gun 4
Axe 4
Wand 10


Condition Name Description
Default Princess' Majesty Party INT ・ DEF + 15%
N.E. +1 Cheering for Friends At the end of the turn, SP + 12 of the ally character with the first action gauge
N.E. +5 First Aid At the end of the turn, recover allies with low remaining HP by 25% of their maximum HP
N.E. +7 Just Relax When you are equipped with a wand weapon, all status abnormalities are invalid


Lv. Name Power SP Target ATT Dep Description
1 Get Well Soon 20 > 13 Ally / Ally RES I hope this helps you feel better.
Slightly restores HP, halves allies' ailing statuses
200 Passion of Jonah 20 > 14 AoE / AoE I'll protect you, even if it costs me my life!
ATK-15 > 25%INT- 15 > 25%
N.E. +3 Super Healing Magic 60 > 50 Party / Party RES The power to protect the people we love with our own hands...
Removes ailing statuses, slightly restores HP


Mastery Name Power SP Target Att DEP Description
4 Ice E > E+ 20 > 14 Single Ice INT Uses the power of Ice to deal damage (Tier 1)
9 Magic Boost 10 > 4 Ally Increases INT of the target (3 Turns) INT+20 > 35%
15 Mega Ice F > F+ 40 > 33 AoE Ice INT Uses the power of Ice to deal damage (Tier 2)
22 Mega Magic Boost 20 > 14 Ally Greatly increases INT of the target (3 Turns) INT+40 > 55%
30 Giga Ice F+ > E 50 > 42 AoE Ice INT Uses the power of Ice to deal damage (Tier 3)
40 Omega Ice E > D 65 > 56 AoE Ice INT Uses the power of Ice to deal damage (Tier 4)

Nether Enhancement[]

Enhancement Description
+1 Unlock Evility: Cheering for Friends
+2 Parameters +30%
+3 Unlock Skill: Super Healing Magic
+4 Parameters +10%
+5 Unlock Evility: First Aid
+6 Parameters +30%
+7 Unlock Evility: Just Relax
+8 Parameters +10%
+9 Parameters +10%
+10 Parameters +10%

Team affinity[]

Elizabeth has a higher affinity for performing team attacks with the following units:

DRPG Meliodas Icon 1
DRPG Ban Icon 1
DRPG Diane Icon 1
File:DRPG Gowther Icon 1.png
File:DRPG Merlin Icon 1.png
File:DRPG King Icon 1.png
DRPG Elizabeth Liones Icon 2
Devil Girl Elizabeth
DRPG Etna Icon 5
Liones Princess Etna






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