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A status screen showing a unit's elemental resistances amongst other stats.

Elemental Affinity is a gameplay feature in the Disgaea series.

Elements and Resistances[]

Various attacks in each game have an associated Element of either Fire, Wind, Ice or Star. On the other hand, each unit has separate Elemental Resistances, represented by percentages(capped between 99% and -99%) that multiply the damage taken from attacks of the corresponding element by 100% - Resistance, thus decreasing damage taken when the resistance is positive and increasing damage taken when it is negative.

There's usually no resistance to the Star element, making it act as a neutral element of sorts(can't abuse weaknesses, but can't be resisted either). From Disgaea 5 onward there's also a resistance to it, though most classes have it at 0% and there's less ways to modify it than the other elements.

In Disgaea 2 only, a unit's Elemental Resistances also multiply damage dealt with the Spells of that element by 100% + Resistance. Additionally, the damage reduction is capped at 90% despite the stat reaching 99%.

In Disgaea 7 only, it's possible for attacks to have multiple elements, in which case the the damage formula will take the average of the corresponding resistances. Additionally, Elemental Resistance is added to Weapon Resistance to then be applied as a single multiplier instead of two separate ones.

Value and Modifiers[]

In Disgaea 1 and 2, Generic classes get randomly assigned resistances: one at 50%, other at -50% and the last at 0. Note that reincarnating said generic units will have these values randomly assigned again. Unique classes simply have all resistances at 0% by default.

From Disgaea 3 onward, every class has its own specific set of resistances.

There's various Specialists and generic Evilities to increase each individual resistance. The Magic Knight class usually learns skills or Evilities that modify elemental resistances.