EDF Headquarters
D1area 74
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 総司令部
Romaji Sō shirei-bu
Location Human World
Episode What Lies Beyond the Battle
Enemies Level 80 Space Police x6
Level 180 Defender? x2
Level 220 General
Bonus Rank 31 - 33
Geo Symbols None
Geo Panels None
Previous map Neo Eden
Next map "Human Conqueror" ending

EDF Headquarters is the third map of the Human World bonus stage in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

Map StrategyEdit

General Carter is fought here, serving as the area's final boss. He has EDF Soldiers, all armed with Guns, flanking the Base Panel with his two bodyguards protecting him at the other side of the stage. To defeat Carter, his goons must be taken out first. Defeat the Soldiers with Magic or long range attacks (Magic tears them apart due to their rather low RES.) The Soldiers all have guns, so a Fire-resistant character is advisable, sine you will be hit by Inferno and Totenkreuz. Once they are gone, focus on the Bodyguards. Their stats are rather balanced, but if you managed to defeat the Soldiers, they shouldn't be anymore difficult (save for their extremely high HP, which rests in the 30,000 range). General Carter is the last enemy. His ATK is within the 4000 range, so have a Healer on hand to negate any damage dealt to you. Also be aware that him and his bodyguards' only special is "Swift Justice, a single-target skill used by Prism Red. This fits them, since all three characters are Prism Red recolors. Also note that Carter comes equipped with the "Astro Suit" item, which increases most stats at the cost of decreasing SP and RES. You can gain a copy every new cycle.

Clearing this stage grants the player the "Human Conqueror" ending, and will force the player to begin a new cycle.

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