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Dragon's Rest is the second map in Ch.2: Mao's Heart in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


Geoffrey has made a gateway directly to the dragon's lair. Mao is pleased. Almaz objects; "you can't just jump straight in, you always have to grind a few levels first!" Mao says he has no time to waste on repetitive battles.

Beryl shows up to needle Mao. Almaz thinks to himself that Mao seems to both want to open his heart and also to not want to do this. Beryl says that she and her friends will tag along behind Mao; not because she wants to join him, but because she wants to see if the legend of the dragon is true.

The 'Old School Building' is the oldest building on campus, but it is boarded up tight; no one who enters has ever returned. A mysterious figure comments that he must continue with the rebuilding, but that he hears people, and he hides.

Beryl and Mao discuss the legend of the dragon egg, and the other legendary Home Ec class; no one in the Academy can find the Kitchen Room, nor have the other teachers seen the Home Ec teacher.

Mao and company enter the Old School Building, and encounter some Martial Artists, who attempt to lay claim to the egg as well.


There's a Heal 20% on the Yellow panels, so try to get your people on them so the mobs aren't. Raspberyl and her two friends count as neutral NPCs for this fight; they take a turn after yours but before the mobs go. They will, if in range of mobs, go fight them.

Even being a few levels too high for this map makes it a bit of a breeze. The Ghost will Magichange with the Mage, and the Martial Artists will jump down towards you. A Thief with Shoes on will be able to jump up directly, but most characters will have to go around.


Beryl is tempted to eat the egg; opening her heart would make her the Number 1 Delinquent of All Time. Even so, she can't bring herself to do it; stealing is for honor students. She resolves to just have to find a way to be a bigger badass than Mao, should he succeed.

Mao can't crack the egg. Beryl boasts that she can. One of the Martial Artists from earlier says only his master can crack it. He says his master is in the Home Ec cooking room.

Almaz ponders giving up getting his title back, but a quick conversation with Beryl hardens his resolve.