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Double Fake is the only stage of The Phantom Copies, a post-game episode in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

This is the only stage from post-game episodes that can be played in the Carnage Dimension.


Before the fight[]

The party heads off to investigate a small Netherworld that somehow didn't fall under control of The Lost. There they find a few similar-looking girls arguing about which of them is the real "Asagi", but when they try to ask them questions the girls accuse them of trying to take the spot of Asagi, prompting them to summon more Asagis and starting the fight.

After the fight[]

The last of those Asagis refuses to give up, but then the real Asagi appears to finish her off. She then explains that this world creates copies of people, and since she stayed too long while taking care of some business it became overrun with her copies. Christo suggests she could join the team as her way of apology for causing this mess, to which she agrees.