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Don Joaquin is the first Defender of Earth, appearing in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and its remakes. Long ago, he departed on a quest to slay the Overlord, and never returned; he instead remained in the Netherworld as a ghost.

Laharl and company later receive a challenge from someone who claimed to be the 'Defender of Earth'. Captain Gordon and Jennifer instantly assume it is Kurtis, and the group moves out. They soon encounter Don himself, who was waiting all these years for a chance to battle the Overlord. Flonne asks Laharl to lose on purpose, believing that would allow the Defender of Earth to move on, but Laharl's pride gets in the way, and he goes all out.

In the end, however, Don Joaquin is satisfied that Laharl used his full power in the battle, and moves on to the afterlife without any regrets.