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Divine Prison is the fifth map in Final Episode: What Lies Beyond the Battle in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Laharl and his companions are greeted by Vulcanus, again, who praises them for getting this far. Gordon warns of a trap, stating the obvious. And Vulcanus doesn't dissappoint, summoning greater demons to abide to his will. The greater demons are powerful enough to pauze the group, and while they're pondering what to do against such strong opponents, a green prinny appears. The prinny balks at not being recognized and introduces himself as Kurtis, Gordon's rival. Claiming he will fight the demons and rescue his precious friends as a way to atone for his sins, he joins the party.


The enemies are quite a ways from the base panel and it will take them 2 turns to reach you. Take advantage of this by using your first turn to buff your characters. A second advantage to letting the enemies come to you, is that they will move closer together on their way, which is perfect for big area of effect skills and magic spells.

The Balrog can paralyze you, so keep a healer (or another character with the Espoir spell) at ready to deal with this status ailment. The other monsters all know a fire elemental skill, so be careful when deploying characters with a weakness to fire.