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Disgaea RPG (魔界戦記ディスガイアRPG, Makai Senki Disgaea RPG) is a spin-off title of the Disgaea series released for iOS and Android devices in Japan. Since its initial release on March 19, 2019, the service had faced multiple reported issues and underwent maintenance for several months, relaunching in November 2019.

In December 2020, it was announced that the game will have an English version release during the middle of 2021.[1]


The story of the game takes place after the events of the mainline Disgaea titles. It continues the development of the main characters from every title and introduces several original characters, notably Lucy, Diez, and Torachiyo. The game casts the player as a human who has been summoned to the Netherworld to raise The Strongest Overlord.


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Disgaea RPG is an active-time turn-based RPG, unlike the strategy RPG nature of the console titles. Players form parties consisting of five characters and take on waves of enemies in various modes. Many features from the mainline games return, including character reincarnation, lifting and throwing of items or characters, Team and "Tower" attacks, character special abilities known as evilities, and the Item World system for powering up equipment. This also includes "the tremendous levels and damage that is synonymous with Disgaea" according to Nippon Ichi president Sohei Niikawa, such as a maximum level of 9999 and attacks that deal 1 trillion damage.

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