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D6 Hololive DLC

Hololive collaboration.

The Disgaea 6 Hololive Collaboration Set refers to a set of unique characters created as a collaboration with virtual Youtuber agency, Hololive Production, with special colors, voices, and equipment. These characters are recolors of generic classes and are based on popular Vtubers from the aforementioned agency. These characters were released as a free DLC on June 29, 2021 in North America.

List of Characters[]


D6 Fubuking

Fubuki Shirakami as a Prinny.

“The Prinny form of former white-haired animal-ear girl, Fubuki Shirakami. Though shy and rather docile, she is managing to enjoy her new life as a Prinny. She likes talking to people, so she's apparently happy that various demons pay attention to her as a Prinny.”

See White Fox Ruler for Fubuki's exclusive class.

A cute, little, white newbie Prinny. She was the animal-earned girl known as Fubuki Shirakami.


  • I'd love to have one of those Juice Bars at home, dood. They're perfect for gaming marathons. Take care of your throat, okay?
  • Ahh, teetee, dood... Oh, sorry! I was reminiscing about a game I once played, and drowning in how precious it was.
  • Foxy day to you♪ Oh! Uh...dood. I always figured the Netherworld life's for me! Here, nobody'll scold me for staying up too late!
  • Hey, friends♪ I'm perfectly fine with being called cute, looking like this! After all, Prinnies are totally cute, dood♪
  • I found another drawback of being a Prinny. Look! These Prinny hands are absolutely terrible for playing games, dood... *sigh*


D6 Ruusha

Rushia Uruha as a Succubus.

“The succubus form of Rushia Uruha, who's bad at standing in front of people. She wanders the night looking for people to talk to, but because she's shy, she always only talks to her undead friends. She's apparently very please with the sexiness of her new body.”

See Seductive Succubus for Ruusha's exclusive class.

A succubus who isn't very good in front of crowds. She was the necromancer known as Rushia Uruha.


  • Getting turned into 3D is really great! Well, it can also cause sadness due to the curves, or lack thereof, in certain areas...
  • I'm actually quite innocent, but when I get excited, I end up accidentally hitting the wall...and people think that's the real me.
  • Hel-ruushiii! Thank you for always supporting me! I hate being lonely, so come talk to me a lot!
  • I started out lonely, all by myself, but thanks to everyone, I became a princess. I'll try even harder, and surpass the gods!
  • Look at this glamorous, sexy body! I won't let anyone get away with making comments like wall or cutting board anymore!


D6 Torte

Flare Shiranui as a Psychic.

“The psychic form of Flare Shiranui, a reliable big-sis type. Due to remaining polite, sensible, and dutiful in the Netherworld, she is popular with the ladies. However, as she's a frequent offender of staying up too late, if you want to paly with her, be ready for an all-nighter.”

See Great Queen for Torte's exclusive class.

Rare in the Netherworld, she's a polite psychic. She was the half-elf known as Flare Shiranui.


  • Do I want something to drink? ...Oh, I know that you know. Obviously, I want...an...energy...drink.
  • Super Reincarnating into other worlds is cool. I was spirited away once. It was pretty rough, but I made a lot of precious friends.
  • Noon-nuiii! I'd been hoping for a chance to live in the Netherworld, so I'm glad I reincarnated! Gonna give it my best!
  • Have you ever said just a little longer while gaming and before you know it, it's morning? That happens to me pretty often.
  • It's really easy to live here! Where I was before, I had to use a nightstand for a chair. This world is practically paradise!


D6 Watameh

Watame Tsunomaki as an Evil Eye.

“The evil eye form of Watame Tsunomaki, a laid-back sheep bard. A potato-loving herbivore, she loves eating, sleeping, playing, and singing. She claims to be sensible, but tends to stay up late, and she has a tough side. However, these qualities are appreciated in the Netherworld.”

See Ancient Horn Diva for Watameh's exclusive class.

A fluffy evil eye who loves staying up too late. She was the sheep bard known as Watame Tsunomaki.


  • There's a Juice Bar, but no potato chips? Hmm, it doesn't seem like they're fully prepped for late nights... Curses...
  • Tons of unpleasant things may be happening, but let's look to the fun times together. I know how hard you're always trying.
  • Super Reincarnation is great, isn't it? If only my trashy connection got stronger every time it cut out, too...
  • This world sure has a lot of little girls. No wonder it smells so nice everywhere♪
  • Konbandododo! I heard I'd get to see some really precious stuff, so I reincarnated into the Netherworld! That IS true, right?


D6 PolPol

Polka Omaru as a Witch.

“The witch form of Polka Omaru, a circus performer who aimed to become the ringmaster of the Vtuber world. She enjoys amusing people, and often carries an instrument. If you want to know if she's around, try calling out, Oruka? You'll surely get an energetic Oruyo! in return.”

See Pirika Circus CEO for PolPol's exclusive class.

A trueborn witch entertainer, through and through. She was the circus clown known as Polka Omaru.


  • Thaaanks, Disgaaaeaaa♪ Oh, this? It's just a song of gratitude for this world. Another dream of mine came true, thanks to everyone.
  • You know, I've always got lots of toys that play various sounds, so I can always liven things up! Let's party, together!
  • ...I've gotta try harder so I can grow even more. Oh, I'm not getting serious! Everyone's giving their best, so I feel like me, too!
  • Pol's in the Netherworld? Sure am! Okay! I wanna hold the circus in the Netherworld too, and really heat things up!
  • My grandpa, before reincarnating, was a Fennec fox. Apparently, my grandma made some mistakes, and years later, I was born. No, not a Phoenix...